Support Your Library

Almost half of the libraries' operating expenses are made possible by donated dollars, so your gift is invaluable in assuring equal access to information and technology for all ages.

You can donate in several ways:

  • You can do a direct debit from your checking or savings account (which saves us credit card fees). You'll need your bank's routing number and your account number to get started, which you can find on your checks. Click here when you are ready and a new window will open with a secure debit processing form. You can create an account if you anticipate donating more than once, and you can also join our Monthly Donor Club, which allows you to schedule a regular debit once a month to help your library all year long! For example, just $5 or $10 a month translates to a total yearly contribution of $60 or $120! 
  • You can mail a check to the library of your choice. Use "Find a Location" to get the mailing address of the library you would like to support. 

We thank you for your generosity! Every gift helps, large or small.